Authentic Paintings by Pablo Amaringo

Period 1985-1989 for sale

After more than three decades in a private collection, some of the earliest and most impressive visionary works of Pablo Amaringo are in search of new homes. You will find here the most secure way to purchase and receive real Amaringo paintings. All content is verified with documents and by Luis Eduardo Luna who is Pablo’s earliest partner and a specialist in his work. More paintings will be added to display in the future here.


Get to hear about the true story on how Pablo’s journey as a visionary artist began.

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All origins of art can be tracked and verified with documenting.


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“When I decided I wanted to have an original Amaringo hanging on my wall, I was fortunate to discover Eduardo Luna’s impeccable collection of authentic Amaringos, including many early and incredibly vibrant pieces. Luna was a joy to deal with. He understands the value of these images, and every step of the process was impeccable.”
Erik Davis, PHD
Author, award winning journalist, and popular speaker
“The paintings presented on the website are historically important, as they are among the first images that made the world of ayahuasca visible to all. Luis Eduardo Luna’s work with Pablo Amaringo changed the face of the world’s understanding of ayahuasca shamanism. These precious paintings resulted from that work, they are the authentic item, and they present an evident human, anthropological and psychological interest.”
Anthropologist and writer
“I was at first shocked. Who would want to give up such a unique and valuable treasure? But then, on reflection, I could see the wisdom of Luis Eduardo’s plan. We have each had the pleasure of enjoying Pablo’s earliest creations, now for 35 years. But now we are getting older, and we have decided that to offer the paintings to the right person, someone who will appreciate them the way we do, is the right thing to do.”
Dennis J. Mckenna, phd
Ethnopharmacologist, research pharmacognosist, lecturer and author