Expelling away the visionary world


Year: 1985
Size: 12.8″ x 9″ inches / 32.5 x 25cm
Materials: gouache on arches
Frames: no
Pricing: contact us


Pablo did not put a title to this painting, nor produce a description. This is one of his first paintings, probably the first one he signed. An ayahuasca ceremony is taking place under a hut, close to a river. Several persons sit around the ayahuasca pot, one of them a vegetalista shaking a schacapa, made of the leaves of a Pariana species, and is blowing tobacco. In the foreground, a patient lying on the floor. Two bufeo (dolphin) couples are jumping out of the water. The closest to the shore are puka bufeos, pink dolphins, considered powerful beings. Three birds are flying in the night, two of them apparently cormorants, great divers, believed to accompany murayas (water specialists shamans) in their underwater journeys.  

A vegetalista holding a big cachimbo (a pipe) is blowing tobacco towards the sky. The ceremony is ending, and he is expelling the visions away from the hut. In the left corner an object that may be interpreted as some sort of space vehicle, his owner perhaps the person to the left. In the opposite corner another vehicle and person. The face of another person a little to the left. Otherwise the visions are represented as colorful flying insect and spider-like creatures. 

Vegetalistas say they are able to traer mareación (bring the visions), and also to quitar mareación (to take the visions away). The vegetalista here is expelling the visions as though they were some sort of electromagnetic phenomena he is able to manipulate.