Fighting through tingunas


Year: 1987
Size: 18″ x 24″ inches / 45.7 x 61 cm
Materials: gouache on arches
Frames: no
Pricing: contact us


This vision illustrates the attack undertaken by a bancopuma, or sorcerer in the form of a black jaguar, against a master vegetalista, his disciples, and patients. They feel suffocated because the bad spirits of the sorcerer struck them with their yachays, evil elements that sorcerers and wizards use. They feel as if they are being poisoned by means of asphyxiation as their sight is rendered opaque, which is why they appear here groaning.

But the hada [fairy] Sinchinitimushca [the one who presses hard], who works with the master healer, has seen the peril and thus throws a white thread into the middle of this spell, making it reach the vegetalista, who notices that he is being covered with harmful elements. The healer then starts to raise his defensive powers, such as the electric chain that binds together all the sorcerers. The fairy is waiting above and then ties the thread up with the laser thread that he carries in his lap.

The sorcerer appears on a gilded kettle raised by infra-red beams. He is there with his ferocious anacondas as well as his Nina-coya [queen of fire] with a luminous banner. Below are the Indian spirits called huiririma that are only employed by witches and wizards. Below them we see the huaira-puma [jaguar of the air] and the yura-lobo [white wolf]. The tiger ywas seized by the electric chain and the wolf is fleeing. To the extreme right, the yana-huaca [black ox] and a witch appear.

The healer also sends his powers in various forms, such as the pinsha-machaco [toucan-snake], the huacra-runa [people with horns], the bird called tahuicuro [Monasa nigrifons] [destroyer of worms], the salamander, the rikchaiallco [hunting dogs], the sacred perfume that makes the witch flee, the matamata or water turtle [Chelus fimbriatus] with an ugly carapace, as well as the sacha-huarmi.