First visionary paintings collection


Contains: first 2 paintings with the original explanation from Pablo with translations.
Year: 1985
Size: 9.8″ x 12.7″ inches / 25 x 32.3 cm
Materials: gouache on arches
Frames: no
Pricing: contact us


A group of people are sitting around the ayahuasca pot. Several patients are laying down near a mosquito net. A woman is vomiting.

Pablos words:
“You are asking me explanation of the ayahuasca visions in the painting I gave you, I will give them to you following the numbers.

[Bottom right corner]

1. These are representations of warriors sent by a muraya [a type of shaman] who is watching his victim, who is being cured during a session, in order to overpower the healer, if he is not attentive. Other warriors, with shields and swords, came to fight. These are the powers the healer has at his disposal to resist any invasion from the enemy.

[Left from the warriors]

2. This is Lola Valuarte, a power queen possessing sublime magical powers, manipulating a magic cage of great power to capture her enemies. She is an inhabitant of Venus.

[Above Lola Valuarte]

3. These are princesses of enchantment and love irradiating waves of captivating music to attract with inescapable charm. Her dancers accompany the rhythm with sweet melodies. They are also from Venus.

[Above the ceremonial group taking ayahuasca[

4. This is a beautiful flying object from planet Jupiter which spaceships are in contact with the allpamurayas (people who travel hollows inside the Earth in spaceships similar to this one).

[Bottom left, three figures ]

5. This is the great Kin Kung from China, sublime for his esoteric medicines from mysterious plants.

6. This is King Sakya, whose great transformations reveal intricate knowledge that allows him to disappear instantaneously, a great master of hypnotism.

7. The enchanted King Mizraim, gifted in the great alchemy, receiving from one of his subjects a powerful balsam in a sumptuous Egyptian palace.


Pablo’s words:
In regards to the figures in this painting, these are:

1. The fairy Perunugá, who has healing powers, and a discoverer of secrets, a warrior in favor of her people.

2. A great master from China called Ni, with knowledge of the greatest oriental hyper chemistry and dominion over his most audacious enemies.

3. A spaceship visible on very rare occasions and capable of transporting people from one galaxy to the other.

4. Persian looking wandering kings traveling through the universe at great speed accompanied by loud echo. They are standing over a rainbow circle. They are capable of providing instantaneously all sorts of wisdom, either the gift of speaking various languages, or of making inventions, etc. The circle that appears near them represents the galaxies they visit.