Recovering a young man kidnapped by a yakuruna


Year: 1986
Size: 12″ x 16″ inches / 30.5 x 40.6 cm
Materials: gouache on arches
Frames: no
Pricing: contact us


muraya has taken ayahuasca in order to retrieve a young man, taken from his canoe by a green-haired yakuruna named Llulluchukcha [green hair], similar in appearance and dress to a Shipiba or Coniba. We see how the muraya raises something like a whirlwind, making the yakuruna bring back the one he has stolen.

The muraya is sitting on a big, living stone tiger that floats on the water. Around him are his genies: the sumi-lagarto [lizard able to submerge] seen above him, the anguila mama [electric eel], the puka-bufeo [pink dolphin] surrounded by diamond stones, the sanguijuela mama [leech] with powerful magnets, the yaku-toro [bull of the water], the supay-puma [ghost jaguar], the yaku-machin [monkey of the water], the yaku-sarara [an aquatic bird], the machaco sirena [snake mermaid], the ampy-sapo[poisonous toad], the yaku-caballo [horse of the water], the elf called sumi-chukcha, the great purahua or supay-lancha, the calpa-yakuruna[yakuruna that walks swiftly], the rayamama or pambamuri [ray], and the pani-sirenas [sister mermaids]. All these powers of the muraya cause the yakuruna to return the young man to the place he took him from, even though her father is smoking his pipe ceaselessly, trying in vain to make the young man stay.

The young man’s eyes are twisted by the yakuruna but he can still live with his family on Earth. If he also had his feet and head twisted backwards, it would be useless for a muraya to insist the young man stay on Earth, because the yakuruna‘s operations on him would have made him part of the green-haired yakuruna family.

The musical bars seen here are the icaros of the muraya, guarded by the immense horned and multicolored anacondas whose radiations emanate from their eyes and ears, and who hypnotize with the tip of their tails.

On the right we see the supay-lancha preparing to receive the young man about to emerge from the waters, and its guardian who is like a bell, to warn if an enemy approach. In space appears the Rikra-huaira-caballo [winged horse of the winds] with its rider. This horse is sent by the muraya to carry out research at a great distance and it returns to give him news. We also see a red-horned goat called Bary waiting for the event of the young man’s return.

Then we see two golden snake-sphinxes who have horns and human faces. They grind their enemies with their bodies and wound them with their horns. We also see a fairy who has come from Mars. She rides poisonous space snakes from the big rows of steps of the planet Mars. The prince, standing on the big magical head of the god of the Tartar, comes from the great Atlantis. Further back there are tingunas with messages of magical songs. On the left we see a powerful cosmic ship that moves through the different galaxies bringing auras of great wisdom.