About Us

Short Introduction

We are a family team, with Luis Eduardo Luna providing the background details of each piece of art, and Mario Luna taking care of the management of the business and customer service for our clients.

We offer a selection of original visionary paintings, with many more additions to be displayed later on.

Enjoy the tour and feel free to visit our Help -section for more information.

The Team

Portrait of Luis Eduardo Luna outside in his garden

Luis Eduardo Luna

I am a Colombian/Finnish linguist and anthropologist living between Helsinki and Florianópolis, in southern Brazil. I have been working for many years on shamanism and alternate states of consciousness. Among my main interests has been the ritual use of ayahuasca among the mestizo population of the Peruvian Amazon, the subject of my doctoral dissertation at the Institute of Comparative Religion of Stockholm University.

I met Pablo Amaringo in 1985. I asked him to paint the visions he had when he was a practicing vegetalista, and in 1991 we published a book with 49 of his ayahuasca visions. My private collection comes from the early years of our collaboration, which lasted until 1994. Besides my anthropological work, I have been curating visionary art exhibitions in various countries.

I have two sons, Mario and Ilmari, and a daughter Ada from a previous marriage. Mario is working with me on this project.


Interview with Spiriterritory
Wasiwaska Research Centre
Ayahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman -book
The Ayahuasca Reader: Encounters with the Amazon’s Sacred Vine -book
Visionary art exhibition at Valparaiso University
Interview at CoSM

Mario Luna portrait

Mario Luna

I am an entrepreneur, organizing enthusiast, and the administrator of Trueamaringos. I’m also a website freelancer in collaboration with Huippusivut.

You can contact me here or by sending an email to contact@trueamaringos.com